Future-focused: Preparation

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

— F Scott Fitzgerald

Hi! Betty here. We just celebrated our first birthday in August! We’ve been open for one year, and the anniversary caused us to look over our time with smiles and groans alike. We’ve learned so much in the short time we’ve been open, and formed some great relationships with our residents!

Smiling at Our Success, and Learning from Our Mistakes

Some of our favorite memories include getting a brand-new logo and using it across our park, documents, and website, developing and filling our phase 2 spots, and freshening up our online presence so that more of our amazing residents can find their home with us here. We also had some tough times that stretched us to become better, like when our online advertising was ineffective and confusing to manage, and when our park host and his wife left our park and the management fell into our laps overnight. Even though these were challenges at the time, we’re so grateful for how they pushed us to be more efficient and better at providing our customers with the great experience they’ve come to expect from us.

Focusing on the Future as a Family

So for this next year, we’re working harder than ever to keep those high expectations from our customers met. And there’s nothing like a seasonal change to make our minds feel fresh and excited for the next step! Here are some tangible ways that we’re getting ready for the next great thing…

Richard, one of the co-owners, took time in his personal woodworking shop (just minutes from the park in his home garage) to create custom signs for the whole park! He used his own supply of redwood to make craftsman-style frames for the signs used to designate the site rows, office location, and park entrance. As Richard and I were installing the signs, one of the residents stopped to tell us in relief: “Oh my gosh, ordering pizza is going to be so much easier now!” We laughed and agreed! The new signs make our park more navigable and cohesive, and the personal touch from Richard is a meaningful addition to the atmosphere here.

Brad, the other co-owner, has taken on the job of mowing the lawns next to each site. It’s a big job, but there’s no one better suited to handle it! Brad has been doing landscape work for years, and we’re so lucky to have his careful attention to detail when it comes to our grassy lots. His sons and daughters, quite young still, also love to help out where they can.

Betty (that’s me!) has fully taken on the reservation and management process for our residents. I created a comprehensive, easy rental application that can be filled out online, which helps cut down on our paper use and makes our whole process more efficient. The website is also my doing: I’ve been working with our marketing consultant to write the content and make sure that it has all the information our guests need. I’ve got more ideas, too! I’m excited to continue making our process more efficient while keeping the personal touch that our residents appreciate and expect. (I don’t have any photos of my computer, so have some tree pictures.)


Tracie and Sally, Richard’s wife and daughter respectively, can’t wait for the fall and winter seasons! Their baking expertise comes in very handy around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Be on the lookout in the common building for Tracie’s rice krispy bars, Sally’s cookies, and any other goodies they might dream up to put a smile on our residents’ faces. They’re even thinking of providing coffee and hot chocolate on those colder days. What’s better than that?

The Focus of Our Future: YOU!

The most important part of our preparations, of course, are the people that will benefit from our hard work. Everything we do is with our residents in mind: the ones who already stay in our park, and the ones who haven’t found their home with us just yet. A massive “Thank You!” to everyone who’s joined us on this journey so far, and an equally massive “Welcome!” to the wonderful residents we’ve yet to meet. We are, as always, family-run and future-focused, and we hope that your future includes us for your next RV trip.

Bye for now,