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From California to Fort Worth

The story of Silver Creek RV Park goes back several generations. Scotty McMichael, a Houston-born California transplant, worked diligently at Firestone Corporation making tires. When the first check from his ‘part-time’ job (real estate sales) yielded several months’ worth of Firestone checks, he knew something had to change! He saw the writing on the wall and took his 7th-grade education into real estate. He jumped fully into sales, development, and management, and began a family legacy that would continue four generations into the future.

A Family Tradition on its 4th Generation

When he was grown, Bob Cross (Scotty’s son in law) carried the baton for the next generation. He returned the family business back to the great state of Texas to continue the vision. Richard Cross (Bob’s son) and Brad Jennings (Bob’s son in law) have continued the tradition of building and real estate development here in Fort Worth. Like the men before them, they ventured into a brand new area of expertise and built Silver Creek RV Park. Betty Cross (Richard’s daughter), represents the 4th generation of our family business.

Throughout our time in Texas, we have provided our customers with great residential and commercial renting experiences. Consequently, we pride ourselves on collaborating with each other and our customers to constantly improve our business.

A Background of Excellence to Begin a New Chapter

This regard for high-quality services has continued with the opening of Silver Creek RV Park last summer.  With extensive building knowledge and a desire for excellence, we built phase 1 from January-August of 2017. With sites filling quickly, we embarked upon phase 2 in November of 2017, and completed it in January of 2018.  Our future plans include ideas such as wider RV sites and tiny houses for rent and sale. As we move forward, we’d be honored if you joined us on our journey!

family timeline
Our Timeline: Past and future

Family-run, Future-focused

It has been exciting to watch our growth and, above all, listen to our customers’ input so as to adjust what we do to meet their expectations. Tradition and vision will continue to guide our efforts here. Let us know how we can improve on any or all three as we move into the future of the park’s growth.