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We’re proud of where we started and excited about where we’re going.

After opening last year with phase 1 (spots 101 – 408), we got right to work on adding in even more spots for our customers! Phase 2 (spots 500 – 804) is now complete and phase 3 is coming soon. While the spots in phase 1 are close to the common building and pond, we have some nice shady spots in phase 2! As a result of the owner’s good planning, our residents have varied types of sites to choose from here. Reserve your site by contacting us today.

Richard, our owner, has lots of great ideas for the future of our park, including tiny houses and possibly a shaded playground. If you’re interested in hearing about our beginnings or our future, contact him to hear more!

If “customer service” is our middle name, then “accommodation” is our first!

Have slide-outs or separate fixtures that you use to personalize your spot? No problem! We can work with you to find a spot that will do the job. For example, the corner lots, like 399, 500, 800 and others, work well with unique setups.

Each spot has a grassy area (great for kids and pets) and gravel pad. Take a look here to see measurements and rates! The speed limit is 5mph, and noise is kept to a minimum. Our residents love hearing the birds in the trees and even an occasional bray from our friendly donkey neighbor!


Photos From Around the Park

Take a look at a few photos to get a better sense of the park!

General Area

Built upon a 17-acre site in the country, home to deer, birds, and other wildlife, we have therefore carefully placed our spots to preserve the natural beauty of the site yet maximize our residents’ use of it. You’ll notice that there’s a green belt between phases 1 and 2, with separate entrances to each phase. Due to this, the necessary traffic for each phase was reduced, ensuring that vehicle noise is lessened. After construction, we not only replanted over 40 trees but also preserved over 75% of the existing trees from the lot!

Common Building

Our common building is the best around, and it’s obvious why once you see it! Because the common building is such an important aspect of an RV park, we wanted to make sure that it was comfortable, stylish, and useful for our residents. We carefully planned the wood-style floors, big bright windows, and tasteful furnishings. Additionally, it has a big porch with fans for lounging, a dinette for heating up food or waiting for laundry, washing and drying machines, and very clean bathrooms and showers! We’re even thinking of maybe putting in a small general store in the future.

Our residents certainly appreciate having such a nice facility on the property, and we’re happy that our attention to detail and commitment to excellence paid off so well in this aspect of our park. Richard Cross, the owner, even built the bench in the laundry room himself! Come and take a look for yourself!

Individual Site Dimensions

Each spot has full hook-ups (30/50 amp), a gravel pad, and a grassy area!


Make your reservation today by filling out our rental application HERE!